The Best Cannabis Strains for Creativity

Artists, musicians, and the like all do like to be creative, but creativity helps with overcoming challenges, offering new opportunities, and also getting over obstacles as well. Being creative is essential for overcoming the hardest tasks, being able to achieve the goals that you have and just well, living life. The problem is that creativity is sometimes hard to harness. It’s sometimes blocked, and you might wonder what the best solution for this. What about medical cannabis? It can actually boost creativity, and here, we’ll go over how cannabis helps with this, and some strains to consider.

How weed Helps

Cannabis is really helpful for a variety of reasons. The first is brain health.  It actually helps with the frontal lobe functions, which are of course, vital cognitive functions including solving problems, properly expression emotions, judgment, attention, memory, and so much more. There are studies that look at the frontal lobe and creativity, and cannabis increases blood flow to this, which is why some people actually feel more creative after smoking a bowl. The second reason is dopamine. Dopamine helps with motivation and pleasure, and sometimes, you are nee da bit of help jumpstarting this. Cannabis helps with healthy dopamine levels, and can actually improve neuron functions in the brain, which is why many users will actually applaud certain kinds of cannabis and other products, in that it helps with motivation and creativity. The final thing, is that it does relax the body, getting rid of those bad thoughts. When you’re creating art, you’re going to be your own worst critic, and sometimes the reason why you’ve got writer’s block is because of that. If you’re struggling with this, cannabis can help, in that it gets rid of racing thoughts, helps to relax, and lets you enjoy it. Remember though, less is more with this. You don’t need to get stoned out of your mind to come up with creative ways. The cool thing is, a little bit goes a long way, and you won’t have to worry about anxiety and whatnot with this as well. 

The best strains

Now let’s talk about some of the best strains to help with those creative bugs. First you’ve got sour diesel. This is available in vape pens, and it comes with up to 20% THC content. This is one of the best sativa strains out there as it can help you feel energized due to the terpenes that are in there, and are good with fighting fatigue, and improving physical activities too, and is really good to have on the go too. Jack Herer is another one. This is another legendary sativa strain named after the creator who actually was a major activist for cannabis. It combines northern lights, haze, and shiva skunk together to create some amazing effects cerebrally to help with this. It’s actually an award-winning strain and is great for those who want to boost their creativity and really take it to the next level. Pure haze is another one and is considered one of the best strains for use in the morning, since it’s a cross between super silver haze and jack Herer. It’s got a very high THC level, and it definitely allows you to be creative and get excited for the day. Finally, the indica dominant hybrid blueberry muffin. This is not very strong in THC, and is low in CBD, and is good for keeping you relaxed and focused. This is one better taken in the evening than during the day. These strains can change you, and here, you learned a bit about marijuana and creativity.