PTSD, otherwise known as prost-traumatic stress disorder, is a major mental health affliction that’s triggered by witnessing terrible or terrifying events, creating flashbacks, anxiety, and nightmares, and can impact your life quality. There are different solutions to this, and it’s common for veterans or those who have experienced war or traumatic situations to experience. It can negatively impact everything from your work to your relationships to even just general existence. What can you do about this? While doctors usually recommend therapy to help with this, and also to build a strong and effective support network, a new trend is to prescribe marijuana runtz for these symptoms. While there are some studies that have been done, these are still in their infancy, but they might be helpful in managing PTSD, and it’s something that a lot of medical marijuana users like. How does it help though? There are a few ways it can be used. 

How it Helps

A doctor usually uses medical cannabis to help with PTSD side effects that happen. Usually, PTSD causes issues with sleeping, pain, depresses a person, and makes them anxious. But PTSD can be treated with marijuana, and a lot of times, they may recommend this type of usage for different issues. Some users also say that medical cannabis allows for them to feel more active and engaged in life too which means that they’re able to do a lot more. The problem with current treatments for those with PTSD is that prescriptions can make someone feel numb and almost zombielike in the way that they act. Numbness along with detachment are two of the most common symptoms those with PTSD suffer from, so if you’re already using drugs, it may just make the issues worse. Another problem, is that both autorepression and antipsychotics can have terrible side effects too, making a person feel depressed, suicidal, or even worse in a lot of cases. Another big thing is that these painkillers are also very addictive substances too, and a lot of people do overdose on these. 

Marijuana as an Alternative

So is marijuana an alternative? Well, it can be. Some veterans actually have dealt with chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, and the like. Some of them also may look for different alternatives to having to take a bunch of meds all the time, and marijuana is something that may help with this. Some who deal with panic disorders and agoraphobia may start to use this because it’s better for them, and it can help with racing throughs, depression, and life balances. Some people have reported that they feel more like a human being again. The problem with medical cannabis is that while it’s good for many people, the legality plays a major role in the problems with it. Marijuana is not legal everywhere. While medical cannabis is becoming more and more normalized, there are those who are still unable to get this, or that they don’t qualify for this. But it’s been found that it can change lives. It can help those with PTSD, depression symptoms, pain, anxiety, and even different illnesses and ailments actually live, and be able to live no matter what. So is it the future? We want to believe so, and it’s something that more and more veterans and those who deal with trauma alike are ablet to use. Some strains are able to help with the worst of the symptoms, and hopefully we’ll see more and more people come out about the benefits of this, and how it can in fact change the lives of many people forever as well.

How cannabis Tinctures are making cannabis Use Healthier

Cannabis is becoming more and more widely used, but did you know that one of the best ways and probably most underappreciated way is through tinctures? They’re quick, don’t need to be fused, and are perfect for those who need something immediately. It also is healthier too for those who are looking for smoke alternatives and are much quicker and more effective. Here, you’ll learn a little bit about what they are, and why they’re making such a splash in the cannabis world. 

What is It

Tinctures are basically a fancy name for a product that’s a liquid, with a dropper as a lid.  This is pretty much what a tincture in general is based off of, but the cannabis ones contain a cannabis extract that dissolves directly into the liquid itself, either ethyl alcohol or oil as well. The concentration of this does vary, but the ratio between this also varies too, so it’s similar to an edible in that it does have a variety of strengths and even flavors too. This has been around for a long time, dating all the way back to the early 1900s. however, they were banned because they were seen as a bad thing, and it may cause problems. But nowadays, we see them all over the place, and they are making a comeback in modern medicine. 

How to use These

The beauty of tinctures is that there is not one way to use these. You can take it either one of the three ways:
  • Swallowing it
  • Taking it underneath your tongue
  • Adding it to a food or beverage
The easiest way is to pretty much drop it directly into the mouth, swallow this, and you will feel it within an hour or two. It works similar to how other edibles do in this vein.Another way is to put it underneath your tongue, and let it sit there. You want to hold it in place for about 30 seconds. This is the fastest way and usually, within 30 minutes, you feel this. This is actually a favorited way of many simply because of how easy it is. This works due to the capillaries that are there, and usually, it absorbs much faster than the digestive tract too. The final way is to put it in a drink or food, creating a sort of edible of your choice. For example, if you drink tea or have coffee, dropping a little bit in there is a popular way to do it. Another popular way is to make something called cannabutter, which is used in a lot of baked goods and sauces, and you drop this in. You can also put this in juices, ice cream, smoothies, soups, and even dressings for salads and such. This works the same way the edibles that you swallow do, in that it will be effective in about 1-2 hours, but it does have a potent result. While this may seem like a lot of work, some people like this because it makes it almost ritualistic, and plus you’re already eating so you definitely will want to consider this one. There are tons of benefits to this too, and some of them include: 
  • They’re super simple and don’t require fancy equipment
  • You don’t have to smoke or vape either of these.
  • You can use this in a discreet manner, since they don’t create a smoke, vapor, or a smell when used
  • It’s much quicker than other kinds of edibles are, creating a much faster response.